About us

BrimiBue opened its doors for the first time on 17th of June 2017. At that time we only opened as a restaurant, and the second floor was empty. In July 2019, we opened the doors to another dream we have had, when 14 double rooms were ready. We have used local crafts, local materials and local professionals.
BrimiBue is run by Tina Brimi and Dan-Robin Leirvåg, together with 8-10 full-time employees. Tina is the daughter of Arne Brimi, and in this way BrimiBue is part of Brimiland.

In Lom, there is a big difference between the seasons. Summer is our main season, and winter is calmer. The opening hours throughout the year therefore change according to the season.
During Christmas and until the second week in February, we are closed.
In October we are closed for one week. In 2022, this will be in week 41.
In November we are closed for two weeks. In 2022, this will be in week 45 and 46.